Guided Audio

Meditation & Relaxation


Deep Breathing

7-minute relaxation exercise that will help to slow down your breath and mind while reducing unnecessary tension in your body. Can be practiced sitting, laying down, or on-the-go.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

12-minute relaxation exercise where you will be asked to alternate between bringing gentle tension into various areas of your body followed by noticing the effects of releasing the held tension. This exercise will help you to bring awareness to tension that you might not be aware that you are holding while welcoming relaxation.


Deep Breathing & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

20-minute recording combining the previous two exercises. Perfect for when you have a bit more time for relaxation practice.



12 minute relaxation exercise in which you will be invited to imagine a special place that brings you a sense of calm and ease. People typically chose somewhere in nature or a peaceful room. It can be real, or fantasy, or fantasy based on reality. No wrong way to imagine your special place


iRest Body and Breathsensing 

20- minute iRest Yoga Nidra meditation in which you will be guided to pay attention to sensations in your body and your breath. This exercise will help to integrate and restore body, mind, and spirit. It can be practiced sitting or laying down, so take a few moments to get comfortable prior to practicing.


iRest for Sleep

13-minute iRest Yoga Nidra meditation to support you in settling into restorative sleep. There is no cue to end this meditation so be sure you have time for some rest or set a timer when you want to be on your way.