A New Year: A YOU You

I have been really struggling with something this new year. 

I keep seeing this message: 

A New Year: A New You!


What exactly is wrong with the old you?

It brings me immense sadness that we are told so much more often how wrong we are than how amazing we are. Advertising, social media, parents, well meaning friends (even coaches) telling us how we should be living our life differently. Dishing out advice has become commonplace, with the intention to “help” all the while secretly communicating “you clearly can’t handle this on your own.” That if we just “follow these 10 steps” life will be perfect.

What if it already is?!

What if you already are?

What if this year your intention was to be the YOU-EST you there is. No more “best,” no more “improved,” simply YOU.


The full and beautiful catastrophe of living life on earth according to you. With your values and your goals leading the way with more of what makes you light up and less of what darkens you and dampens your spirit. A life led by inspiration and passion, instead of letting fear and doubt call the shots.


Get quiet. Drop in. LISTEN. Trust.

Stop seeking answers from outside of your self.

YOU are the expert on YOU.

And you already have everything that you need.

Happy YOU year!



p.s. This post is as much a reminder for you as it is for me.

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Let’s get you closer to living your life authentic together!

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