Ten ways to enhance your environment

Our minds are constantly taking in new information from our surroundings. Bringing awareness to what we expose our body, mind, and soul to on a daily basis can help us get more clear on what adds health and wellness and what takes it away. With clarity, we can then make changes to create a healthier environment to live within so we can be our most radiant selves. Here are ten ideas to get started:

Declutter.  Discard, give away or throw out objects that are not needed, not wanted, or do not give you a sense of joy. Enjoy the new space this creates.  Recommended read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.

Pleasant sounds. Turn on music, invite relaxing sounds like wind chimes or a white noise machine.

Color and texture. A favorite blanket, wall hanging, scarf, or window curtain that brings you joy to see.

Scent.  Use essential oils, cleaners, incense, or flowers to invite pleasant sensations in the body.

Light. Overhead, incandescent, or low light can be jarring. Try candles, soft lamps, or pull back the curtains for natural light.

Bring in Life. Living plants are pleasant to look at and can help to freshen air. Consider inviting an animal to share your space for companionship and levity.  

Move air. Energy or air feeling stagnant, try opening the window or turn on a fan.

Art. Buy art, make art, put favorite photos that make you laugh into a frame.  Put them where you will see them with attention to not create more clutter.   

Get Comfy. Put on your favorite, comfortable, clean clothes that help to being a sense of calm and ease.

Say Goodbye. Notice if relationships or certain places in your community make you feel uneasy or unsafe. Perhaps it’s time to consider making space for new relationships and places. Lean on a trusted friend or professional to help with the heavy lifting.

Affirm that even subtle shifts can lead to radical change. Simply begin.